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Honestly, Uniquely Morehead is a grassroots community awareness campaign, recently and quietly begun by concerned group of friends that call Morehead home. It is now a growing coalition of locals and independent Morehead business owners who are concerned with the spreading homogenization of our hometown.

We’re concerned that the proliferation of huge chain stores and restaurants in Morehead is not only driving the independent business owner out of business, but is also robbing the city of much of its unique charm. The chains are even beginning to put the chains out of business.

While we don’t discount the need for the Wal-Marts of the world, we’re troubled by the current civic notion that excitement for our town should come from the courting, establishment and promotion of chain stores and restaurants that can be found in many other cities across America.

Morehead is a special place filled with lots of unique things to see and do; there are interesting places to shop and terrific places to eat with unquestionable local hospitality. Your patronage of these businesses helps Morehead retain its own special “flavor.”  Morehead has a downtown with unmatched potential. The local business that resides on this classic street deserves our patronage and more need to be encouraged to settle in our growing little town.

Not only is a certain amount of civic pride on the line here, a lot of commerce is at stake as well. A recent study in Austin, Texas clearly contrasted the economic impact of money spent at locally-owned independent businesses to that same amount of money spent at chain stores. The percentage of money spent in locally-owned businesses that actually stays in the community is far greater than the percentage of money spent in the national chains. Even minor spending habit changes can contribute hundreds of thousands to the local economy.

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